Wondering if the Muscle Gain Challenge is right for you?
Check out what some of our former Muscle Gain Challenge athletes had to say about their experience with the Challenge.
Travis Hanson

Q: Why did you join the Muscle Gain Challenge Program? What problem did you have that you needed help solving?
I joined the Muscle Gain Challenge because I saw strength and Olympic Lifting as a source of weakness and motivation in my game. I was beginning to fall in love with Lifting and really wanted to get better and stronger. I saw the Muscle Gain Challenge as a source to satisfy both.
Q: How did the Muscle Gain Challenge help you solve that problem?
The MGC solved the problem in many ways. It provided me an amazing program that got me way stronger and focused heavily on the Oly lifts which got me better with my technique. I also received amazing remote coaching as well as support and friendly competition from my Facebook group. Not only that but Barbell Shrugged also provided the resources for sound technique. Lastly, I consider the MGC to be a 360 degree program in that it teaches you the habits outside of the gym to truly eat sleep and breathe; essentially live as a true athlete. This is what I believe continues to drive my success with the program.
Q: What specific results have you seen from participating in the Muscle Gain Challenge?
After the first Muscle Gain Challenge
Body weight 185 to 210 all while remaining lean.
Back squat> 300 to 385
Front squat> 285 to 355
Clean and Jerk> 250 to 285
Snatch> 175 to 215
Not only that but I've remained fast in wods. My strength with pull-ups, muscle ups, hand stands,etc. have all improved.
Q: What specific feature or features of the Muscle Gain Challenge did you/ do you like best?
I can't put my finger on just one feature. As I said before the Program is a true "cover all the bases" program which I feel has really taken me to the next level of my athletic and lifestyle goals. I am enjoying my continued success as I am still following the program and the habits I've learned from the MGC.
Q: In your opinion, what are the three BIGGEST benefits of the Muscle Gain Challenge Program?
1. Increased strength
2. Learning good technique and being supported, coached and encouraged on technique
3. Nutrition, Athletic and Lifestyle Habits that you can take away and apply for life.
Q: Would you recommend the Muscle Gain Challenge to a friend, family member or colleague? If so, why?
Yes. If they are someone who is ready to put in the work and looking to take themselves to the next level I would 110% recommend the MGC because it works.
Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I love this Program. Put in the work and take care of yourself and reap the rewards.
Brittney Bergen

The Muscle Gain Challenge was hands down the best thing I have ever done for my body composition and sense of self-worth as a woman, and it also significantly improved my Olympic lifts and strength!  

When I signed up for the challenge, I did it with the intention of receiving coaching for my oly lifts (since I don't train in a facility with a coach) to move bigger weights - especially in the jerk, and that's exactly what I got!  My clean and jerk opener went from 68 kg (150 lbs) to 79 kg (174 lbs) in 5 months.  

My strength also went up.  The heaviest I had ever front-squatted before the program was 208 lbs.  In five months my front squat went up to 260 lbs.  Just before the program my best shoulder press was a single at 115 lbs.  Five months later I could press 120 lbs for a double - I am almost at that all-elusive bodyweight strict press!

The biggest gain by far was unexpected.  I put on 10 lbs (which is definitely a mental battle for any woman, myself included), but the beautiful part of it was I learned to love myself through every stage of the journey.  In the middle of the challenge I was fluffier than I had ever been, but I honestly didn't care.  I saw my body for what it could do and I was surrounded by a community of people also gaining and that made it so much easier.  Now I am back down to almost the weight I started the challenge at, and I have more muscle to show for it.  Before the muscle gain challenge I thought I had quads, and now I actually do.  Although I have always believed in performance goals over appearance ones, my physique is definitely 100x better, and my already good booty is now fantastic. :)

One last note about the community (which is in my opinion the best part of the MGC).  When you sign up, you get access to a Facebook group of like-minded individuals.  These people tell of their struggles and triumphs, but my favourite part is the shared sense of humour.  The countless inside jokes that emerge will keep you smiling through the hardest workout and you will find lasting friends who support you in your training as well as your career and life.  The competitive aspect of the group is also a huge benefit, and I would highly recommend the MGC to any dude who wants to get bigger and stronger, or any woman who wants to outperform the guys. :)

I didn't know it at the time, but the Muscle Gain Challenge would not only improve my lifts; it would boost my sense of self-worth and be the best thing I ever did for my body composition as a woman.

Thanks so much!
Carson Brady

Q: What hesitations did you have before signing up for the Muscle Gain Challenge?

“This program is the shit!

When I was trying decide whether or not to sign up for this I was hesitant for a few reasons, first of all I was worried about not being able to do the workouts due to my limited experience in the Olympic lifts.

I was also worried that with my work schedule that I wouldn't be able to hit the workouts and lastly I was worried that my progress with my gymnastics and conditioning would get worse.

Looking back joining this program is probably the best choice I've made for my training.

I'm proof that this program also works for people who don't necessarily want to gain the full 26 lbs.

Q: What changes have you noticed in your training and your body?

When I started the program I weighed 203 lbs. and weighed 216 lbs. after six months. 

In this time my back squat went from 305 lbs. to 345 lbs. My front squat went from 265 lbs. to 315 lbs. Clean and jerk went from 235 lbs. to 275 lbs. And my snatch went from 175 lbs. to 225 lbs.

I have noticed improvements not only in my strength but my mobility has improved significantly as well.

It also improved my gymnastics and even my "Fran" time has gotten faster.

Who would've thought that getting stronger would make me a better athlete? Crazy right?”

Q: What specific feature of the program did you/ do you like best?

“My favorite part of the program is the coaching. They will analyze videos of your lifts and break it down in slow motion so you know exactly what you need to work on.

Also I love the online community.

There is accountability involved and people end up becoming friends (even if it is online) and continue to push one another. I even had the opportunity to meet up with another gainer for a competition.”

Q: Would you recommend our program? Why or why not?

“I would recommend this program for absolutely anyone. Even if you were like me and fairly new to fitness.  I had only been doing CrossFit for 6 months when I started.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for this.

There is an amazing amount to be learned whether it be snatch technique, nutrition or recovery. They cover it all.

And the coffee somehow tastes better in a barbell shrugged mug.

Lindsey Barber

Q: What hesitations did you have before signing up for the Muscle Gain Challenge?

“First of all, signing up for the MGC was one of the best decisions I've made so far in my life.

I signed up only because as a gym owner I was finding everything taking priority over my own training and I was looking for someone to coach or program for me.

I checked out the BBS page and saw they offered coaching but it only seemed to be in context of a "challenge" and I wasn't overly interested - I wanted a coach.

After hearing more about it (podcast) and more time passing of putting off training I decided to look into it more and saw there was  a "Pro" membership option and signed up.

Then I had buyers remorse and I started to panic thinking how I didn't want to put on 20lbs!  I emailed them to switch programs because I was concerned with the weight gain but told them I was into all the rest of it.  I decided to stay and glad I did!

Q: What changes have you noticed in your training and your body?

“It was the first time I've actually trained consistently for 6 months.

Normal Rx weights feel super light to me and I often do mens Rx weights in workouts now.

I definitely put on some muscle everywhere.

Q: Exact before and current numbers?

“(Still have not truly retested since the program ended)

Back Squat 1RM - 220 lbs. to an easy 265 lbs. (and 255 lbs 3RM) in 4 months

Clean and Jerk - 145 lbs. to 193 lbs. in 3 months

Snatch - 115 lbs. to ​155​ lbs.

​OHS - 150 lbs. to 195 lbs.

Went from a 1RM Front Squat of 185 lbs to now doing 220 lbs for a 3RM.

Q: What specific feature of the program did you/ do you like best?

I loved everything - literally everything:  The programming, the Coaches, the Facebook group/community, getting feedback from posting videos, especially the screen casts, the mobility, habits, and nutrition through email.

One thing that I also got out of it, which I was not expecting was learning how to be a better coach by paying attention to what the BBS coaches said and also getting to see so many different people lift with different bodies and different lifting styles.

Q: Would you recommend our program? Why or why not?

I would HIGHLY recommend this and any other BBS shrugged program to anyone no matter what level they are at!

This one did exactly as I hoped plus a lot more.

I couldn't believe how complete, well rounded, and well thought out the entire program is, super impressed!

Ashley Jarvis
+9 lbs lean mass, +44 lbs back squat, + 55 lbs lbs front squat, + 40 lbs clean, +33 lbs snatch
The programme was excellent, and was exactly what I needed. I’m grateful to its creators, the coaches and fellow athletes and I’m excited by the progress I’ve made. But more than this I’m super psyched to be on my own journey now. Many sports, activities and fitness programmes have captured my interest before but now I’m finally on my own journey.
Desi Reyes
+20 lbs bodyweight, +85 lbs back squat + 80 lbs front squat + 15 lbs snatch, + 30 lbs clean & jerk
The changes I've noticed in training are amazing! My overall consistency in hitting big numbers daily and mindset had improved so fast. I don't get scared under big weights, in matter of fact I welcome them. Being strong for me has always been a journey that I've always wanted but never had the proper training to do so till now and its paying off!
Panos Anastasiou
+ 22 lbs bodyweight, +35 lbs snatch, + 55 lbs clean & jerk, +51 lbs front squat, + 22 lbs back squat
I got all I wanted from the programme and more.You need to be committed to this programme to get results. I started this while being in a corporate job and working 40+ hours/week, married with a 6 months old kid, 3 dogs and a lovely wife to take care off. If I could do this at the age of 33 then so can you :) Go for it!
Brittany Fowler
+20 lbs body weight, +20 lbs snatch, + 45 lbs clean, + 45 lbs back squat, + 70 lbs front squat
Looking into the Muscle Gain Challenge, I was hesitant to start because I didn't know if it was more geared towards men or if I would be able to do the work considering I was fairly new to Crossfit and Olympic lifting. I was also hesitant to join because I was worried about gaining weight. I gained muscle in every part of my body. The muscle was a good amount that didn't make me look "manly" or too bulky at all. I gained just enough muscle to lift the weight that I needed so I could compete against skilled athletes like I originally wanted and I looked good doing it.
Get swole and strong as sh*t!

Minh Tran

BW: 174lbs to 188lbs
Back squat: 395# to 455#
Front squat: 335# to 385#
Snatch: 235# to 260#
C&j: 295# to 310#
(all after 6 months)

 "I owe these guys everything! What I've achieved in this short 6 months of training, far exceeds my years in crossfit. Amazing program, and I recommend everyone to follow it."
Joshua Thornton

Body weight 83 to 90.1.Kg
Snatch 65 to77.2kg
Clean 98 to107.5
Jerk 98 to110kg
Front Squat 100kg to 112kg x 2RM

"No bullshit approach and has great coaches that really do help. Thanks for all your help"

Matt Clementi

Bodyweight: 183 to 200 lbs
Snatch: 175 to 210 lbs
Clean & Jerk: 225 to 265 lbs
Front Squat: 250 to 330 lbs
Back Squat 325 to 370 lbs

"I loved how I stayed decently thin why gaining muscle. The conditioning is just enough to keep you going. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about putting on some strength and muscle."

Ryan Fiene

Before / After:
Bodyweight - 170.8 / 180.6 lbs
Back Squat - 340 / 410 lbs
Front Squat - 295 / 355 lbs
C & J - 225 / 265 lbs
Snatch - 175 / 190 lbs
Dead Lift - 380 / 455 lbs
Strict OH Press - 135 / 160 lbs
Bench Press - 200 / 245 lbs

"Making the decision to start the Muscle Gain Challenge was the best thing I ever did for my training and my confidence! If you're reading this far there is no question - you NEED to sign up for this program.  Do the work, follow and believe in the program. It works."

 Hit massive PRs!

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Minh Tran

Brittney Bergen

Clinton Hodgkins

Brett Andrus

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